The Office

The local police are asking for your assistance to locate stolen diamonds that vanished from a high-end jewelry store. You will have 60 mins to search the managers office in hopes of finding these valuable jewels. Voted one of our best escape rooms. This room has been updated for new season and is tuffer than ever!!  Try it again if you visited before!!

 Difficulty Level VERY High.

20% success rate

 Under The Sea Adventure





Go on an under the sea adventure which sends you on a scavenger hunt through the sea. This family friendly room is intended for the novice or to stimulate parent child interaction as an introduction to the world of escape rooms.  This introductory level room is full of cool adventures and interesting things to do and figure out. There is a small physical element to this room, with bypass available, however, it is not wheelchair accessible .

Difficulty level: EASY

(new as of 11/30/18) 

The Nautical room

Enter the nautical room and begin searching for clues leading you to the infamous Blackbeards treasure, hidden since 1718. You will have 60 mins to get into and escape Blackbeards lair.  Recently voted second favorite by experienced escape roomers. all new as of Nov 2017,

Difficulty Level Medium.

85% success rate

This room has physical requirements but has handicap accessibility option.







You are placed in the lab of a Wacky Wizard and you will need to find the ingredients to make a protection potion and an exit potion before the wizard returns......can you do it?

Difficulty Level:  EASY/Medium

This is a 45 min room



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