Q- How far is our main location from Kitty Hawk?

A- We are ONLY 1 mile on the lower currituck side of Wright Memorial Bridge near Walmart in KITTY HAWK,

between bridge and Harley Davidson.

Q- Are we in a room with just our group or with added strangers?

A- We try to make it a family experience for special memories and therefore NEVER place you in a room with

     strangers.  The room you reserve will be for JUST your family or group.  We DO NOT ask that you pay for the

     max number of spaces for room, only those you need.


Q- How do we make reservations?

A- We book ONLINE, please click on rooms page to see availability for the room you selected.

     If you need assistance please call our office and we will assist you 252-491-5656.

Q- How do we enter a free pass or child under the age of 5 to our booking.

A- Any person with a free pass or a child under 5 will not be counted on booking.  Please understand the adult

     will be counted as part of the persons for room limit, just NOT placed in BOOKING total number of people

     so you are not charged for them at time of booking.  So if you have 3 adults (1 with free pass) and 1 child. 

     Your booking total would be entered as 2 Adults and 1 child for a total of 4 in the room.

Q- We would like to pay separately when we arrive, or do not have a credit card is that possible?

A- Yes, but you still have to book online to hold the room , call 252-491-5656 for assistance with this


Q- If we make reservations but have to cancel what is the policy?

A- If you can not meet your obligation or there is a needs to change the reservation please call us to

      " re schedule" 24 hrs prior to reservation. 

      Reservations are only held for 15 mins before being released, so try not to be late!!  Please arrive no more

      then 15 mins prior to reservation time. No same day refunds.

Q-  Are we “locked” in any room at any time?

A-  Some rooms you are locked in, some you are not (for those who have anxiety related conditions).

      You can asked for the lock not to be locked once in the room if you'd like, but you will be asked to provide the

      correct exit code to escape!


Q- What age groups are rooms for?

A- All age groups are welcome, let us know in advance if you have special request. Young family members are

     welcome in all of our rooms at parents discretion. 

Q- Are ours pets welcome?

A- Yes, IF they are housebroken and friendly!


Q- How long do we have to  escape?

A- The escape times vary from room to room, these times vary from 45 mins to 60 mins.


Q-Are your rooms scary?

A- We pride ourselves for being "Family Friendly".  We would rather hear family laughter rather than screams.

     However, we do have dark rooms that may be spooky in nature for smaller children. 


Q- How many people can go into a room? What if we have more?

A- This too varies with which room you choose. The Office will hold (8-10)  the Nautical room (6)

     Under the Sea (4-5) Wacky Wizard (4-6).  These are max numbers not required numbers.

  Call before you make reservations to discuss your needs we will do what we can to accommodate you if possible. 


Q- Will you be adding more rooms?

A- Yes, if you have completed all the rooms we have, be sure to check back because we have plans to expand and

     will be adding more rooms soon, and we change up rooms often to keep things fun and new even if named the

     same the experience within the rooms change often.  New rooms and adventures added often.


Q- Do you have specials?

A- Yes, we have some daily special discount codes on rooms on price page and offer Military, EMS, Fire, Police and

     nurses receive 20 % off with ID any day but not in addition to coupon or gift certificate offers

Q- Do you have handicap accessible rooms?

A- Yes we have several rooms that can accommodate a wheelchair.  The Nautical room, The OFFICE.

Q- Do your rooms require physical agility?

A- Some do, some don't and some have a physical bypass, call and ask for more details.

Q- Are any free passes and or discount offers able to be combined?

A- NO.  There can only be one free pass per reservation or one discount coupon per reservation.

     (ex.  group of 5.  one person with free pass is not counted, remaining 4 may enter a discount code from daily list

      to receive discount on the remaining members of group.) feel free to call if you have any questions.


Q- Is lower Currituck really an island?

A- Yes, the Intercoastal waterway at Coinjock makes Lower Currituck an island!!


                    We encourage you to check us out on Facebook, Tripadvisor and Google!

      If you did not see the answer to your question here please call us at 252-491-5656 and we will be glad to

      answer any further ones you may have.