GENDER REVEL-  Make it a night of fun with friends and family to escape with the knowledge of the baby gender!!  What fun this could be,. make plans for your party here!


Date Night: Tired of the same ole, same ole, dinner and a movie or putt-putt options? This is a great change of pace and a night full of laughter with your date. Show off your skills and quick wit to make it an unforgettable and affordable night out! 

BACHELORETTE PARTY- Bring the girls and have a great time escaping the stress of wedding planning.  Dress up or dress down, make up no make up ...just let your hair down for some fun!!

I'MOTHER SON DATE-  Want to be the "cool" mom on the block?  Make some time to spend with your son and have fun too,  An escape room is perfect for just that and he will love it!!.

Team building/ Co-worker stress relief: This is a great way to really get to know your co workers and let your hair down, while laughing together. Work as a team to beat the clock! Great fun for all! 

Rainy Day Fun: This is the get-a-way to have on your day of grey. Check out our rainy day 2-room special and make it a day of solving riddles, clues, and emersing yoursleves in spending quality vacation time while the rain passes.  

Youth Groups: These rooms would be great for your youth group outtings.  Good clean fun, laughter and getting to know each other better, working together to escape.

BACHELOR PARTY- Impress the wife to be with a different type of fun for your Bachelor party!  Escape the wedding stress with the boys and have some fun escaping for awhile.

Daddy daughter date- An escape room is perfect to make it easy to spend time with your daughter and have fun.  She will love both.  Make the date special and suprise her with your time and an escape room!!

GIRLS MIGHT OUT- Break way from the everyday stress of life and escape with your friends for some fun!!

             Perfect for party fun. Bring your group here to add to your Birthday festivities